How to get followers and likes 👉free😎 on instagram ||2018 update|| by PN Videos creation

With this method I was able to gain mot than a thousand followers on Instagram within four days. You just farm the users with Neutrino+ using FakeAccs to gain the Apps currency “Chrystals” and transfer them to your OriginalAccount, where you can use them. This way you do not have to follow anyone with your OriginalAccount and gain followers for free!
I will use sample names for the accounts to help you to keep track of the tutorial.

App NEUTRINO+ from PlayStore (Sorry Appleusers)
1 publicly viewable Original InstaAcc, the one to gain the followers on→|OrigInsta
1 Banana

A. Let’s get rollin’:

Create in the APP “Neutrino+” from the PlayStore an account for your real Insta-Acc (OrigInsta) for this one will get the followers. This Neutrino Account will be called “OrigN” in this tutorial.

Create at least one Spam-Insta Acc. I will call this one “SpamInsta”.

Log in on Instagram with SpamInsta and upload one picture and one profilepicture (just some uninteresting things, is the acc you will be using to farm the Neutrino apps currency Crystals)

Log out on Neutrino+ and create a Spam-Account in Neutrino+ forSpamInsta (I will call the Spam Neutrino Account SpamN)

Log in to SpamN.


Start following people in Neutrino and gain as much Christals as possible before Google’s API stops you. From then you will have to wait up to one hour brfore you can repeat following. DONT SPEND THESE CHRYSTALS! We will need them later on! Go ahead on the tutorial while waiting.

Send the Chrystals in Neutrino from SpamN to OrigN (You got to enter the username of OrigN) (This Funktion seems to be a little hidden, watch around near the chrystal purchasing funktions on the big “+” Button)


Log in to OrigN (Original Neutrino+ Acc)

The Chrystals should have arrived and are ready to be spent.

IMPORTANT: JUST BUY THE 10 MIN OPTION!! More minutes do not bring more followers… It’s all about getting on top of the list as often as possible to be seen by all the people using the App. For this just go with the 10 Min option as often as possible.

(4.) Dont forget to punish the users that have unfollowed you. You gain 60 Energy for each.



Now eat the Banana. Bananas are very healthy and got a lot of Carbs and Vitamins that have been used up while following this tutorial.



Link for neutrino+ – – – –

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