How To Design Instagram Images In Canva | Complete Instagram Post Guide For Beginners

🖌️Design amazing and engaging Instagram posts in 5 minutes or less.🎨 Copy-design these done for you post template ideas.

0:26 – 1,000 Likes Examples
0:43 – Step 0) Proper Post Size
1:07 – Choosing Brand Color & Fonts
2:13 – Instragam Feed Theme Example
2:56 – Text Quote Post
4:06 – Fancy Text Quote Posts
5:37 – Text Quote Feed Theme Hack
6:25 – Picture Cropping Hack
8:52 – Best Free Photo Sites
11:00 – Instagram Photo Quote Posts
13:23 – Make Your Own Quote Template
13:33 – 60 Second Quote Post (Example #1)
14:33 – Example Quote Post #2
15:15 – Bonus: Using Icons

In this comprehensive video tutorial, you are going to learn how to design Instagram images in Canva so you can quickly develop great quote posts to grow your Instagram account.

Be sure to the check out the video and playlist links above for tutorials on how to develop an effective Instagram marketing plan and engaging content strategy.

This Canva App Tutorial is your Step by Step guide on how to use Canva on iPhone to create stunning designs on the go. All you have to do is apply the same design principles you’ll learn from the desktop app in this video and apply them to the Canva mobile app.

There are two keys to learning how to design Instagram images in Canva; graphic design and social media marketing. Now Graphic design, or communication design, is the art and practice using visual and textual contents to express ideas and experiences. Then there is Social media marketing, which is the process of crafting tailored content to individuals to drive engagement and better the user experience of your brand.

The most common quote post question I get about using Canva to create Instagram images deals with the protection problem. One of the best ways to protect your content is with water marks and logos.

Once you know how to design Instagram images in Canva you’ll see how easy it is to add your logo to a picture or add a watermark to your picture. Even though they are very similar, logos tend to be the best way to go because they don’t distract from the content like picture watermarks do.

A water mark will be a transparent image or text the overlays the entire Instagram photo post with the transparency turned up so that followers can still see the picture, and thieves won’t be able to steal it.

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