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Hey everyone, in this video I’ll be showing you 3 Diy projects you can do using quotes.

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Diy Quote Candle:

1. Take a piece of A4 paper and glue or tape on a piece of white tissue paper.

2. Then print a picture onto the tissue paper.

3. Cut it out (you only need the printed piece).

4. Put it on a white pillar candle and wrap baking baking around it tightly.

5. Blow dry it for about 3 minutes or until the printed piece of tissue paper has transferred to the candle.

6. Then peel away the baking paper and your done.

Tip: you don’t have to print out a quote, it can be someone’s name or a picture of whatever you like.

Warning: if you don’t wrap the baking paper around the candle tight enough then when you blow dry the candle the printed piece of tissue paper will end up all wrinkly and will not transfer to the candle.


Quote Notebook:

1. Find a picture of a quote and print it out on a piece of paper.

2. Then put glue all over the notebook and the back of the printed piece of paper and stick in onto the notebook, and there you have it a Quote Notebook.

Tip: If you have printer adhesive paper you can use that instead of regular paper.


Inspiration Quote Line:

1. Find a bunch of inspirational quotes and print them out.

2. Then take a piece of string and hang it on your wall.

3. Then take some pegs and use them to peg the quotes onto the string.

Tip: Instead of using quotes you can use pictures or Polaroids.


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