how to make a meme

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How to make a meme
with The Logo Creator ( ) and a free quote site, it’s easy!

In this new Tutorial Tuesday Video, I’ll show you how easy it is to create memes with image – FREE images that you can safely use – and create your own memes with them.

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It’s easy, and you can freely sell the memes you make!

Watch this video and learn how to make a meme in less than 2 minutes.


-Hey everybody. Welcome to part two of how to make money with the Logo Creator. I took a little break over the holidays and I’m back now with more Tutorial Tuesday’s. So today we’re going to create memes. Now, what is a meme? I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the place. They’re funny little pictures with funny captions. They’re the most passed around images on Facebook, on Instagram and on Pinterest.

So why is creating a meme so important? Facebook likes to dump you if you don’t use it enough. The less you post, the less people will see your post when you finally do have something to say. And the more you post, your images are seen by more people. It’s just the way Facebook works.

So, to stay current on places like Facebook, create a simple meme and post it. You can post it daily, you can post it every other day. Just a silly image or an inspirational quote work.

So you can see that memes are important for people. Lots and lots of people are searching for them. So with the Logo Creator, you actually have your own meme generator. Let me show you how to find some pictures to put into the Logo Creator and to find some quotes to make your own memes in a matter of minutes.

There’s a website out there called Now why is this website important? Because all of the files are public domain. Meaning, you can download them and use them and, in some cases, resell them without anybody getting in trouble.

So for this idea we’re going to use the Logo Creator to create some cool images with some awesome quotes, put them together and sell them or give them away to a niche market. For example, if we own a dog walking company, we probably know a lot of dog walkers, a lot of dog owners. And even if you don’t necessarily have a dog walking business, you can make images and sell these memes to other dog owners or to people that love dogs.

So to begin we’re going to go to the site and we’re going to type in Dogs. And you’re going to get a whole bunch of pictures with dogs. Now again, these are free pictures that other people have put up here and they’re giving the 100% OK for you to use. Some of them are not great so you might have to do some looking around for the perfect picture. But there you go. Perfect. This guy’s great. So we’re going to download him.

OK. Then we’re going to bring him into the Logo Creator. But first we need to come up with a quote for this dog. So let’s just hop onto Google and we’re going to type something in like this, Funny Dog Quotes. OK. Already you see a bunch of memes here. So here’s brainy dog quotes.

We can look around for a long time, but let’s just copy this quote for now. And I’m going to go to the Logo Creator, I’m going to create a brand new document, I’m going to bring in the image of the dog we just found– File, Import. Boom. There he is.

And we’ll make the canvas black. We don’t have to but I like to. And that quote, it said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Great. Type it into the little dialogue box here, add it to the canvas, and now we’re going to format it a little bit so that it fits everywhere.

And of course we could change the font and the color of the style, but you get the idea. There is a free image you can use, a quote you found, and now you could save this as Image One and create 50 images like this– or 10 or 25– and give them away to all of your dog walkers, the trainers you like or your whole Facebook group. Put it on your site for $5.

All of your dog walkers and trainers that come to your site, or internet marketers for internet marketing quotes, or how to bake cookies– all your bakers and chefs and want to be cooks. Whatever your market, whatever your niche is, find the pictures on Then go to a quote site and Google and find quotes. And make a group of pictures in the Logo Creator, put them into a zip file and sell them.

Do this 10 times in 10 different markets and you could make some money. I hope this helps and I hope this gives you some great ideas on how to make a meme!

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