How to Make a QUOTE For VIDEO & PHOTO Jobs (5 QUICK TIPS to Create a Proposal!)

People often ask us how to make a quote for video and photo jobs. If you’re doing freelance work it’s important to know how to create a proposal for potential clients. We’ve got 5 tips for creating your own video quote! Get those filmmaking business hats on!

This will be the first episode in our new segment called “Biz Jams” where we’ll cover some different aspects of running your own video production company or photo studio. The freelancing tips we cover in this video will hopefully help give you a leg up in your production business….so how to create a quote?

Creating a quote is a very important part of communicating with your client. A professional quote with detailed information helps inform your potential customer about the services you will be providing. If it’s unclear, your potential client may go with the other company that communicated more clearly. So follow these freelancer business tips on how to make a proposal.

Often times, the client has an idea of the amount they want to spend on your services. Ask them upfront about this before designing your quote to see what exactly you can provide them with according to your service prices. With that you also want to find out what exactly they are asking for before quoting them. Some questions that are important for this are how many days are they looking to shoot for, what deliverables are they asking for, what product do they want in the end, and what crew members and equipment are needed. This info will help in how to make a business proposal for them.

It is also important to itemize your quote. Put down line items for each crew member or piece of gear that they are being charged for, with the unit price. So instead of saying it’s $2000, the quote would tell them that renting a camera is $500, having two crew members is $1000, editing is $500, etc. The client will better understand where your budget comes….so use these tips on how to make a photography quote. Good luck!

Do you have any tips for developing business skills in video and photo jobs? Let us know in the comments below!

If you have any questions on the techniques used in this review video, please send a note in the comments. Thanks for watching How to Make a QUOTE For VIDEO & PHOTO Jobs (5 QUICK TIPS to Create a Proposal!), in our Film Jams series!


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