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Top 20 smartest quotes about Making A Difference:

1) I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.
― Mary Oliver

2) Understand and be confident that each of us can make a difference by caring and acting in small as well as big ways.
― Marian Wright Edelman

3) But whatever you do, find the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated passion of your life, and find your way to say it and live for it and die for it. And you will make a difference that lasts. You will not waste your life.
― John Piper

4) You will have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and selfless devotion to duty, for it is not life that matters, but the courage, fortitude and determination you bring to it.
― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

5) It’s only when we can work with something that brings out our strengths that we’re of any real use.
― Henning Mankell

6) Turning up our light in the presence of those whose light is dim becomes the difference that makes the difference.
― Eric Allenbaugh

7) Let’s make progress, not excuses.
― Justin Cotillard

8) If we wish to truly experience a life that makes an eternal difference, the power within us is not enough. It is the power God offers that matters.
― Dillon Burroughs

9) We may not have the ability to change all of the world’s wrongs, but we can make a difference where we are.
― Dillon Burroughs

10) There is always a TRUTH to be revealed in any situation where your emotions have shifted.
― Molly Friedenfeld

11) When we involve others in spontaneous acts of kindness, we go from being strangers to becoming a united team connected at the heart level.
― Molly Friedenfeld

12) One of the nicest things you can do to kick-start your children’s day is to tell them honestly they look nice as they head out the door. This easy, five-second exchange says to your child: I see you; I notice you; I love you.
― Molly Friedenfeld

13) When we face our fear of death and slow down our busy lives, we come to realize our relationships are precious, a part of life’s foundation. Knowing this fact helps us to understand that death’s true purpose is to teach us how to live.
― Molly Friedenfeld

14) There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.
― Mandy Hale

15) Mean girls go far in high school. Kind women go far in LIFE.
― Mandy Hale

16) You don’t have to knock anyone off their game to win yours. It doesn’t build you up to tear others down.
― Mandy Hale

17) The way you treat people who are in no position to help you, further you, or benefit you reveals the true state of your heart.
― Mandy Hale

18) Love people who hate you. Pray for people who have wronged you. It won’t just change their life…it’ll change yours.
― Mandy Hale

19) You wanna grow up to be a trivia question?” she asked, challenging me. “Or do you wanna make a difference in the world?
― Dan Gutman

20) Majority of folks out there are trying to make a difference. Don’t just make a difference; become the difference!
― Ogwo David Emenike


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