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The 20 smartest quotes about Seasons:

1) Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.
― Yoko Ono

2) April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring
dull roots with spring rain.
― T.S. Eliot

3) Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!
― Humbert Wolfe

4) When you’re young you prefer the vulgar months, the fullness of the seasons. As you grow older you learn to like the in-between times, the months that can’t make up their minds. Perhaps it’s a way of admitting that things can’t ever bear the same certainty again.
― Julian Barnes

5) I met Anne in the autumn.. Autumn, that wild season when rural men rack orchard trees with sticks and weep with the desire to kiss faraway Demeter’s supple breasts—to set lips to her travel-swollen eyes. They seek goddesses, but I desired only Anne.
― Roman Payne

6) And I’m lost behind
The words I’ll never find
And I’m left behind
As seasons roll on by
― Chris Cornell

7) Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.
― Charles Dickens

8) Summertime is always the best of what might be.
― Charles Bowden

9) Kareeda ni
Karasu no tomarikeri
Aki no kure

On a bare branch
A crow is perched –
Autumn evening
― Basho Matsuo

10) Except. What is normal at any given time? We change just as the seasons change, and each spring brings new growth. So nothing is ever quite the same.
― Sherwood Smith

11) On a bare branch a crow is perched – autumn evening
― Basho Matsuo

12) There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.
― Joe Wheeler

13) August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.
― Sylvia Plath

14) Winter is much like unrequited love; cold and merciless.
― Kellie Elmore

15) I love how summer just wraps it’s arms around you like a warm blanket.
― Kellie Elmore

16) ..I hear the sounds of melting snow outside my window every night and with the first faint scent of spring, I remember life exists..
― John Geddes

17) Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring, a charlatan in place of the warm balmy nights I dream of in April. It’s a sad season of life without growth…It has no day.
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

18) You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.
― Mandy Hale

19) Don’t pour a lifetime of effort into a seasonal relationship. Not everyone from the pilot belongs in the finale.
― Mandy Hale

20) Autumn has come to northeast Montana. The vapor of one’s breath, the clarity of the stars, the smell of wood smoke, the stones underfoot that even a full day of sunlight won’t warm- these all say there will be no more days that can be mistaken for summer.
― Larry Watson


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